Patio Shades

A large bay of back patio windows before a patio shade install4 large brown patio shades installed on a back patio.

Benefits of Exterior Shades

You’ll enjoy up to 100% of shade while preventing as much as 98% of solar rays from entering your home or business. Patio shades provide a boost of energy efficiency, particularly during the sunny summer months. Because our exterior shades keep excessive heat out, the inside of your home or business will inherently stay cooler. The end result will be decreased air conditioning costs and lower energy bills.

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Moving Gif of a patio shade being installed on a new construction home
Drone photo of a large patio home with 7 patio shades installed

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Our guarantee

We will always wear protective booties during our visit to your home. Our ladders will always have a drop cloth under them. We will remove your blinds from their anchor system and carefully take them to our state-of-the-art curb-side cleaning center. It is our promise to you that we will treat your property with the care that we treat our own. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are insured for your peace of mind.