Radical Bubbles came out and cleaned my blinds yesterday. I am just in awe at how clean and new they look. Every time I go downstairs I have to feel they blinds… they are so clean and SHINEY! Ann and Mike and their son, Connor, were very professional and did a superb job!

Candace P.

Mike & Ann are great people to work with. I have known couple for a long time and have worked with Ann on a number of occasions. You guys are awesome!

Deanna L.

My blinds are no longer dirty, dull, or ill fitting. This is a wonderful service that finally makes my blinds truly clean, taking away the hassle of trying to clean them myself. My blinds look like new again and fit like they are supposed to thanks to Radical Bubble's re-stringing service. It's also nice to know all of the nasty dust bits won't be floating around my living room anymore. Thank you!

Jennifer C.

The Radical Bubbles Team is awesome! They came in to my house while I was at work, cleaned all my upstairs blinds and turned them from dirty, nasty, 6 years worth of undusted YUCK, into clean, BRIGHT, like brand new, happy blinds! I could definitely tell the diference when I got home! I can't believe how dirty blinds can get and I know what a time-consuming pain it can be to clean them, that's why I never did! This project would have taken me all day to do, but Radical Bubbles did it in about 1 hr., 45 minutes or so! They even let me know that a few of my blinds needed minor repairs, which they'd beable to take care of. After they were done, they left my house locked and secured! Thanks again Radical Bubbles...YOU ARE AWESOME!

Tina D.

"My blinds look fantastic after having them cleaned. Mike and Ann do a wonderful job. Thanks!”

Beth P.

"I can’t believe the fabulous light coming in now that I have clean blinds, thanks to Radical Bubbles LLC.”

Peggy S.

"I have worked for Wheeler Chiropractic for five years and our blinds have always been hard to get the dust and grime off. Radical Bubbles took our blinds off und they have a *SPARKLE* to them now! I cannot believe how great they look!! Come see for yourself!”

Wheeler Chiropractic

"We were on the process of moving and I saw the ad for Radical Bubbles in Splurge Magazine so I called. Mike came right out to give me a quote, which was very reasonable. He and his awesome team then came out and cleaned my blinds and shutters. They were extremely nice and professional.”

Karen C.

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