Do you sell blinds, shades, plantation shutters?

Yes! We are happy to help you with your blind, shade, or plantation shutter project. Our consultations are always free!

Are your cleaning practices "Green"?

Yes! We clean GREEN! We source all of our cleaning agents through our ultrasonic machine manufacturer. All of these soaps are approved by the California EPA, one of the most stringent EPA groups in the U.S. These soaps are biodegradable and safe!

Do you install blinds?

Yes, Radical Bubbles is a Hunter Douglas Master Installer.

Do you repair blinds?

Yes, We will do all we can to repair your window coverings back to like new condition! We can do most repairs on site, during cleaning! Other repairs may require a longer turn around depending upon availability of parts. An extra charge may be applied for repairs, after we have diagnosed the problem and discussed the solution with you!

What does professional blind/shade cleaning cost?

Our average home cleaning is between $250 and $300.00, an Average home is 10 to 12 windows averaging 12 to 15 sqft per blind in size. We are always happy to give free estimates!

Will all stains be removed from the blinds?

In most cases, Yes! We do our best to remove all stains. On occasion there will be some stains or contaminates that become embedded or bleached and cannot be removed. Our process will always improve those affected areas.

Do you have a mobile service?

Yes, we offer the convenience of on-site cleaning! We come to your home or business and remove, clean, and re-hang your window treatments all in the same day. On occasion, if the blind needs extensive cleaning, we will take it back to our shop to clean and return to you. And if needed, we can provide a temporary shade.

What type of blinds do you clean?

We clean all types of blinds and shades: Honeycombs (cellular), Sheers (Silhouettes, Luminettes, Vignettes, etc), Pleated shades, Roller and solar shades, Faux Wood and Natural Wood blinds, Mini blinds, Vertical blinds and Shutters.

Do you offer free quotes?

We are always happy to come out free of charge to quote and inspect your blinds and shades for cleaning and repairs.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a stainless steel tank system that has pizeo-ceramic transducers mounted to the bottom of the tank. These transducers have a unique property of changing size almost instantly when excited by an electrical signal. When excited, the transducer increases in size and causes the tank bottom or side to move.

This creates a compression wave in the liquid of the tank. By using an electrical generator that puts out a high frequency signal [20 to 250 kHz], the transducer rapidly induces compression and rarefaction waves in the liquid. During the rarefaction cycle the liquid is torn apart. This creates a vacuum cavity within the liquid.

These cavities” Radical Bubbles” will grow larger and smaller as the compression waves are continued. When the “Radical Bubble” reaches a certain size [based on the frequency and the wattage of the signal] it can no longer retain its shape. The cavity collapses violently and creates a jet of plasma that impacts against whatever object is in the tank.

There are millions of these “Radical” bubbles created and collapsing every second in an ultrasonic tank. It is these collapses that clean the blind.

This microscopic jet of plasma will force the dirt or grime off the surface of the blind.

By adding an environmentally safe cleaning solution to the water in an ultrasonic tank, you can increase the effectiveness of the cleaning operation. Heat also improves Ultrasonic Cleaning by eliminating entrapped air in the water.

Our process will be faster, blinds will stay clean longer and we will eliminate any allergenic particles that might have settled onto the blinds.